Protection Response Tactics

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Are you a protection agent or a private security team that is looking for a defensive tactics answer that will fit into your environment? 

Do your defensive tactics need to be visually Appropriate?

Do your defensive tactics need to be socially executable?

Do your defensive tactics need to be legally explicable?

Do you need a verbal De-escalation process that integrates into your empty hand? 

Do you need an answer that will work in and around motor vehicles? 

The Protection Response Tactics program has the answers and training options you are looking for. 

In today’s unpredictable world, security threats are ever-present. As a protector, you are responsible for mitigating risks and responding effectively to potential dangers. However, traditional training programs often fall short in preparing you for the dynamic and evolving nature of threats. That’s where our Protection Response Tactics program comes in. We understand the unique challenges you face and have designed a solution specifically tailored to address them.

Our Protection Response Tactics program is a comprehensive training system that combines cutting-edge defensive techniques, strategic thinking, and situational awareness. Developed by industry experts with extensive experience in high-risk environments, this program is designed to elevate your skills to an elite level. By integrating the best practices from various disciplines, including martial arts, close protection, and tactical operations, we provide you with a holistic approach to personal and professional security.

  • Master essential defensive tactics: Our program equips you with a wide range of practical and proven defensive techniques, enabling you to effectively handle physical confrontations and protect yourself and your clients.

  • Develop critical decision-making skills: We emphasize strategic thinking and situational awareness, empowering you to make split-second decisions in high-pressure situations.

  • Enhance your mental and physical resilience: Our training methodology focuses not only on physical skills but also on mental toughness, allowing you to maintain composure and perform at your best under stress.

  • Learn from industry experts: Our instructors bring years of real-world experience in the field of protection, ensuring that you receive the highest quality training from professionals who have been there.

Protection Response Tactics Was Designed Specifically For The Protection Industry.

PRT offers appropriate solutions to all levels of risk.

Professional bodyguards prioritize reducing risk to their clients by employing various countermeasures. Their primary goal is to avoid confrontation whenever possible, opting for client evacuation as the preferred strategy. However, there are situations where avoidance and evacuation are not viable options. In such cases, the appropriate response may involve the application of physical force. The Protection Response Tactics system equips professional bodyguards with the necessary tools to respond effectively in such scenarios.
In today’s context, with the growing popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), professional bodyguards must contend with adversaries who possess heightened awareness and training. Despite diligent efforts to prevent conflicts, circumstances may arise where the professional bodyguard or personal protection specialist must engage with immediate threats. The Protection Response Tactics program addresses these challenges by providing comprehensive training and strategies to handle such encounters with reason and expertise.

PRT provides the tools and the training to reduce the risk by engaging the threat.

The primary objective of a Protector is to minimize the risks their clients face through the implementation of appropriate responses. In order to achieve this, the Protection Response Tactics (PRT) program equips protectors with the necessary tools and training to employ effective countermeasures, ensuring the safety of their clients. Personal Protection Specialists undergo comprehensive training in the fundamental principles of the PRT program, including Physical and Verbal Posturing, Soft Control, and Hidden Force methods.
By mastering these fundamental techniques, protectors are able to navigate various situations with visual appropriateness and social executability, ensuring their actions align with the specific circumstances they encounter. The PRT program emphasizes maintaining a balanced approach, avoiding overreactions, and utilizing the correct level of force required for each situation. By incorporating “soft control” methods, protectors are empowered to deescalate and effectively control any situation, promoting a peaceful resolution while maintaining a secure environment for their clients.
In essence, the PRT program offers a comprehensive framework that enables protectors to assess threats, choose appropriate responses, and skillfully execute the necessary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of their clients. By combining technical proficiency with a strategic mindset, personal protection specialists become adept at mitigating risks and providing a robust layer of security for those under their care.


Mindset Transformation: Unlike other programs that focus on creating experiences without building practical skills, our program is designed to change how you think. We provide valuable material you can apply in real-life situations, empowering you with a new mindset for effective protection.

Comprehensive Coverage: Our program covers a wide range of topics, including Verbal Tactics, de-escalation techniques, low-level force controls, edged weapon tactics, close-quarter firearm manipulation, gun disarming and retention, anti-grappling and ground fighting, defensive tactics in and around vehicles, and much more. We ensure a holistic approach to training, equipping you with a diverse skill set.

Practical Training Process: With us, you won’t just gain knowledge during the program, but you’ll also receive a training process that you can continue even after you’ve completed the course. We prioritize your long-term skill development, providing you with tools and techniques to enhance your abilities beyond the program’s duration.

Expert Instruction: Our program is delivered by experienced instructors who deeply understand the industry. They bring their expertise and real-world insights to the training, ensuring you receive the highest quality instruction and guidance throughout the program.

Practical Application: We emphasize the practical application of the learned skills, preparing you to handle real-life scenarios effectively. Our program focuses on hands-on training, allowing you to practice and refine your techniques in a controlled environment, ensuring you are well-prepared for the challenges you may face in the field.

Continued Support: We believe in the importance of continuous learning and improvement. After completing the program, you can access ongoing support and resources to develop your skills further. We are committed to your success and growth even after you’ve left the program.

Baker Tactical can come and train your team in the Protection Response Tactics program. Our Instructors travel all over the United States, working with various law enforcement agencies, security teams, and protection agents. We can also build a specialized training program around your team’s unique needs.


Introducing Coach Alan Baker, a seasoned expert with over 43 years of experience in defensive tactics and the martial arts industry. As the founder of Baker Defensive Tactics in 2005, Coach Baker has successfully developed and delivered specialized programs to numerous SWAT teams and law enforcement agencies across the United States. In that same year, he assumed the role of Defensive Tactics Instructor at the prestigious Executive Protection Institute, the oldest bodyguard school in the country. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive and effective approach to protection, Coach Baker created the highly acclaimed Protection Response Tactics program in 2007. Since then, he has been instrumental in training protection agents and students at the Executive Protection Institute, as well as sharing his expertise with teams nationwide. With a wealth of knowledge and a passion for empowering individuals, Coach Alan Baker is dedicated to equipping professionals with the skills and mindset needed to excel in the field of protection.


Your thoughtful approach to the need for protectors and their unique need for a system of protecting their clients developed into the absolute best defensive tactics system for the EP profession, bar none. Several years ago, when we first approached you to develop a specific defensive tactics system for protectors, as most we using borrowed tactics from the police and the military, I remember that before you recommended anything, you questioned experienced practitioners and those who had to protect others and what their specific needs were. Then you began to develop a system that is “client-based” and not “self-defense”. This is extremely important in our profession, where we must be focused on keeping a third party safe from harm’s way.
The different levels of PRT that you developed are new and innovative and are a welcomed addition for EPI to offer our students. Once again, thank you for your contribution to the EP profession and for your personal involvement in our exciting and growing profession!

Jerry Heying, CPP, PPS, CST – Executive Director, Executive Protection Institute

Several years ago, while evaluating the capabilities of the protective detail for the Governor and the first family of California, I realized that our defensive tactics needed to be redesigned. My Department had years of experience with different law enforcement DT programs, from Aikido-based systems to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and most recently, one that is derived from Krav Maga. All the systems were designed for the typical LE officer environment. But, protective operations, either government or corporate, is far from the typical LE duty. After an exhaustive search, I was fortunate to find Alan Baker of Baker Tactical Training & Design. Alan’s Protection Response Tactics (PRT) is specifically designed from the ground up for executive protection. Moreover, Alan has designed many unique programs that are unprecedented (i.e., systems for fighting in and around vehicles while stationary and on the move). This type of innovative system design comes from a lifetime of martial arts and combative study. Alan doesn’t try to force his style into your environment. He designs a style that matches your needs. This is exactly why I had Alan Baker and his team come to teach his PRT course at the CHP Academy, not only for the Governor’s Protective Detail but also for our Dignitary Protection Section, Threat Assessment Unit, and the Advanced Officer Safety Training instructors.

Lt. Jerry Jacobs (ret.) California Highway Patrol, Governor’s Protective Detail

As an Executive Protection Agent working and training around the world, when it comes to defensive tactics, Alan Baker’s PRT system is the best I have ever seen. His knowledge and techniques on how to de-escalate a situation are applicable to real-world scenarios and incredibly effective. And if the situation develops into one that requires violence, Alan’s understanding of closing distance, and neutralizing a threat quickly is unmatched. PRT is simply that impressive.

If you are fortunate enough to train with Sifu Alan Baker, I can promise, you will leave that training a much more confident, better prepared, and a far more dangerous human.

Brent Magnussen,
Executive Protection Agent
and former U.S. Army Combat Engineer



Welcome to the game-changing Protection Response Tactics Phase 1, the ultimate program designed specifically for elite protection agents and bodyguards. Prepare to take your skills to unparalleled heights as you delve into the realm of advanced protection techniques tailored for high-stakes environments. With our comprehensive curriculum, you’ll acquire the mastery needed to safeguard your clients with utmost professionalism and unwavering confidence.

Key Features of Protection Response Tactics Phase 1 for Protection Agents:

Master pre-contact applications: Gain a deep understanding of the crucial physical and verbal posturing techniques that set the foundation for successful protection operations. Learn how to project an aura of authority and create a formidable presence, effectively deterring potential threats before they arise.

Advanced soft control methods for low-level resistance: Discover the power of subtle yet effective control techniques specifically crafted for protection agents. Develop the finesse and restraint necessary to de-escalate volatile situations while maintaining absolute control over the environment.

Unleash the hidden force for optimal protection: In situations where greater force is required, our program equips you with visually appropriate techniques designed to neutralize threats swiftly and decisively. Master the art of deploying force in a manner that ensures the safety of your client and adheres to legal and ethical standards.

Embrace the principles of Protection Response Tactics (PRT): Our program is built on a foundation of principles specifically tailored for protection agents. Learn to navigate complex scenarios with precision, employing visually appropriate, socially executable, and legally defensible strategies. Make every move count and instill absolute trust and confidence in your clients.

Cultivate impeccable control and restraint in high-pressure situations: As a protection agent, maintaining composure and control is paramount. Hone your ability to stay level-headed and composed in the face of adversity. Master the art of soft control and de-escalation, ensuring a safe and secure environment for your client.

Universal Principles for enhanced application: Benefit from Coach Alain’s vast expertise and experience in the combat arts. By embracing his Universal Principles, you’ll enhance the effectiveness of every technique and action specifically tailored for the unique challenges faced by protection agents. Elevate your skill set and become a force to be reckoned with.

Prepare to redefine your approach to protection as a bodyguard or protection agent with Protection Response Tactics Phase 1. This comprehensive program is meticulously designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to provide unrivaled protection for your clients. Join a community of elite professionals dedicated to excellence and join the ranks of those who embody the pinnacle of protection expertise. Enroll now and step into a world where your clients’ safety is never compromised. It’s time to elevate your career and make an indelible impact as a protection agent with Protection Response Tactics Phase 1.


Welcome to the highly anticipated Protection Response Tactics Phase 2, an advanced program exclusively designed for elite protection agents and bodyguards ready to take their skills to the next level. In this phase, you will unlock a new realm of expertise as you delve into the dynamic world of Assault Tactics, equipping you with the tools needed to tackle heightened levels of aggression and protect your clients with unmatched precision.
Highlights of Protection Response Tactics Phase 2 for Protection Agents:

Confronting elevated threats: Building upon the foundation laid in Phase 1, Phase 2 prepares you to handle intensified levels of aggressive actions from single or multiple threats. Gain the tactical acumen and strategic mindset needed to effectively neutralize potential threats and ensure the safety of your clients under the most demanding circumstances.

Vertical surface Fighting and ‘around the world’ drill: Discover the art of fighting off a vertical surface, such as a wall or a vehicle, expanding your tactical repertoire and adaptability. Master the intricacies of the ‘around the world’ drill, navigating through various positions and angles, enabling you to respond swiftly and decisively in any given situation.

The multi-tool principle: Unlock the power of intelligent decision-making in high-stress environments. Develop the ability to assess rapidly evolving scenarios and choose the most efficient course of action with utmost precision. Learn how to strategically select your toolkit’s most effective and usable applications, optimizing your responses to dynamic threats.

Embracing the predator mindset: Phase 2 introduces the concept of the PRT’s predator mindset, empowering you to tap into your inner switch when facing high-threat situations. Cultivate the ability to harness your instincts, focus, and aggression in a controlled manner, enhancing your response capabilities and ensuring you stay one step ahead of potential threats.

Continued adherence to PRT principles: Building upon the foundation established in Phase 1, Phase 2 upholds the core tenets of Protection Response Tactics. Maintain your professional integrity while delivering powerful and effective responses in the line of duty. Each technique and application aligns with the visually appropriate, socially executable, and legally defensible framework introduced earlier.

Prepare to elevate your skill set and solidify your position as a top-tier protection agent with Protection Response Tactics Phase 2. This comprehensive program equips you with the knowledge, techniques, and mindset required to handle elevated threats, fight off vertical surfaces, and embrace the predator mindset with finesse and precision. Enroll now and join a community of elite professionals dedicated to mastering the art of protection. Your clients deserve nothing less than the pinnacle of expertise, and Protection Response Tactics Phase 2 is your gateway to unparalleled success in the field.


Welcome to Phase 3 of the highly specialized Protection Response Tactics (PRT) program, where we equip you with invaluable skills to conquer challenging environments and scenarios commonly encountered in the field of protection. In this phase, you will unlock the secrets of mastering halls, walls, and doors, while delving into the transformative realm of Vehicle Centric Defensive Tactics.
Highlights of Protection Response Tactics Phase 3 for Protection Agents:

Mastering halls, walls, and doors: Phase 3 focuses on honing your abilities to navigate through complex indoor spaces, overcome obstacles, and effectively utilize hallways, walls, and doors to your advantage. Learn the strategic techniques and tactics necessary for seamless movement and decisive action in confined areas, ensuring optimal protection for your clients.

Vehicle Centric Defensive Tactics: As a protection agent, your work often revolves around vehicles, making it essential to excel in this environment. Phase 3 introduces you to our comprehensive Vehicle Centric Defensive Tactics Program, providing you with the knowledge and skills to handle threats encountered in and around vehicles. Feel confident and secure regardless of the level of force you may face, as you master the art of protecting your principle within the realm of automobiles.

Unveiling the unseen threat: In the realm of protection, being able to address threats from behind is crucial. Phase 3 introduces you to the groundbreaking concepts of effectively countering threats that arise from your blind spots. As an escort to your principal, you must be prepared to handle situations while continuing to move and evacuate your client. Discover the techniques and strategies that allow you to confront and neutralize threats swiftly and tactically, without compromising the safety of your principal.

Embark on an extraordinary journey of skill development and transformation in Phase 3 of the PRT program. Gain mastery over halls, walls, and doors, while embracing the intricacies of Vehicle Centric Defensive Tactics. Expand your repertoire of protection techniques, ensuring the safety and security of your clients in diverse environments. Additionally, develop the ability to confront threats from behind, enhancing your capacity to address unseen dangers while seamlessly evacuating your principal. The knowledge and expertise gained in Phase 3 will propel you to new heights of excellence in the field of protection.
Enroll now in Protection Response Tactics Phase 3 and join a select community of protection agents dedicated to continuous growth, uncompromising safety, and unrivaled expertise. Prepare yourself for the challenges that lie ahead and emerge as a true guardian of those under your care.


Welcome to Phase 4 of the revolutionary Protection Response Tactics (PRT) program, designed specifically to empower protection agents with essential skills in Counter Grappling and Ground Fighting. As a dedicated protector, it is imperative to avoid being entangled in a ground-based grappling match when your primary focus is the safety and security of your client.
Discover the Power of Counter Grappling and Ground Fighting:

Tactical avoidance of grappling scenarios: Phase 4 equips you with advanced techniques and strategies to effectively steer clear of grappling engagements, ensuring that you remain focused on your protective duties. Learn how to maintain a position of advantage and neutralize grappling attempts before they even materialize, enabling you to safeguard your client without being drawn into unnecessary ground confrontations.

Empowering destructive force: In the realm of protection, it is crucial to possess the skills to deter and incapacitate threats with a formidable display of force. The PRT Counter Grappling and Ground Fighting program empowers you with the knowledge and techniques to not only avoid becoming entangled in a grappling match but also unleash destructive force when necessary. Leave assailants regretting their ill-fated attempts as you confidently neutralize threats with precision and efficiency.

Comprehensive ground combat studies: Phase 4 introduces you to a comprehensive range of combat measures on the ground. While grappling is one aspect, it is essential to recognize that grappling alone does not constitute fighting. Expand your understanding of the five distinct areas of ground combat study and how to intelligently and effectively utilize each measure in combat exchanges. Broaden your repertoire of skills to adapt to diverse scenarios and emerge victorious in any ground-based encounter.

The Combat Blueprint’s primal environment principle: Phase 4 sheds light on the primal environment principle, a game-changing concept that allows you to optimize your training time by focusing on techniques and strategies that are effective and relevant to your specific work environment. The Combat Blueprint will ensure you are covering the full spectrum of violance as a tool and not leaving gaps in your knowalge of defeensive tactics.

Learn to tailor your skills to the demands and realities of the protection field, ensuring that every moment of training contributes to your effectiveness as a protector.
Embark on an extraordinary journey of skill development and transformation in Phase 4 of the PRT program. Acquire the tactical finesse to avoid grappling matches, while simultaneously honing your ability to deliver decisive force when required. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive study of ground combat, exploring the diverse facets beyond grappling. Embrace the primal environment principle to optimize your training and enhance your effectiveness as a protection agent.
Enroll now in Protection Response Tactics Phase 4 and join an exclusive community of protection agents committed to excellence, adaptability, and unrivaled expertise. Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to navigate ground-based confrontations, ensuring the safety and security of your clients in all situations. Step into a new realm of protection proficiency and elevate your status as a guardian of those in your care.


Welcome to Phase 5 of the groundbreaking Protection Response Tactics (PRT) program, where we delve into the critical realm of Firearm and Edged Weapon Disarming. As a protector, it is crucial to be prepared for the potential threat of an assailant wielding a weapon.
Unleash the Power of Weapon Disarming:

Principles of success in weapon-based attacks: Phase 5 equips you with the essential principles required to survive and thrive in weapon-based attacks. This program goes beyond teaching mere techniques—it imparts the fundamental principles that will empower you to navigate diverse situations successfully. Gain a deep understanding of the underlying principles that govern effective disarming strategies, enabling you to adapt and apply them in multiple contexts.

Skills and attributes for increased survivability: PRT Phase 5 provides the drills necessary to develop the critical skills and attributes required to enhance your survivability in disarming situations. Engage in comprehensive training that transforms the way you think and act when faced with a weapon-based attack. Embrace a proactive mindset, staying ahead of time while preparing for situations where time becomes a challenge. As Coach Alan often emphasizes, “We train to be ahead of time, but prepare for when we are behind in time.”

Principal-based study for versatile application: Our program takes a principled approach to disarming, ensuring you learn information that can be intelligently applied to various situations. Merely learning techniques in isolation can be limiting; instead, we focus on providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the principles behind effective disarming. This principle enables you to adapt and employ your knowledge with intelligence and efficacy.

Unlock the three kinds of time: Explore the critical principle of time in the context of disarming. PRT Phase 5 delves into the concept of time and its impact on weapon-based encounters. Learn to thrive in all three kinds of time—preemptive, reactive, and recovery. This holistic understanding allows you to proactively stay ahead of potential threats, effectively respond in real-time scenarios, and recover from disadvantageous positions. Master the art of disarming with finesse and confidence.

Embark on a transformative journey in Phase 5 of the PRT program, where we unlock the secrets of weapon disarming. Embrace the principles of success, acquire the necessary skills and attributes, and adopt a principled approach that transcends individual techniques. Gain the ability to intelligently and adaptively apply your knowledge in various situations, ensuring your readiness to disarm assailants effectively. Prepare yourself for the challenges of weapon-based attacks and emerge as a confident and proficient protector.
Enroll now in Protection Response Tactics Phase 5 and join an elite community of protectors committed to continuous improvement, adaptability, and superior expertise. Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to overcome weapon-based threats with unparalleled competence. Transform the way you perceive and respond to disarming situations, reinforcing your role as an exceptional guardian in the face of danger.


Embark on a transformative journey through Phase 6 of our comprehensive program: Armed Pummeling Fundamentals. In this phase, we dive into the realm of standing grappling, exploring the crucial skills and techniques required for weapon retention and disarming encounters.
Understanding the intricacies of hand fighting, pummeling, and the art of giraffe wrestling (control methods using the head and shoulders) becomes paramount in surviving and excelling in these intense situations. While learning specific gun disarm and retention “techniques” is a crucial starting point, it should not be the end of your training journey. Our program goes beyond the basics, emphasizing a principle-based approach that empowers you to navigate these encounters with intelligence and efficiency.

We believe true proficiency in this domain goes beyond memorizing a few disarming techniques. Our educational framework focuses on developing essential attributes, sensitivity, timing, and other vital elements crucial to survival. We prioritize hands-on experience and extensive training to ensure you have the tools necessary for success. If your current program fails to emphasize these educational elements, it is limiting your growth and potential.

Phase 6 serves as a gateway to mastering the fundamentals required for proficiency in the armed pummeling combat range. To be eligible for this phase, practitioners must have successfully completed Phase 5, ensuring a solid foundation before diving into this advanced training. Join us on this transformative journey, where education and growth take precedence and unlock a new level of competence in armed encounters.

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