Applied Pummeling Program

Loosely defined, Pummeling is standing grappling. Any weapon retention or weapon disarm that goes in the wrong direction tends to end up in a standing grappling encounter. Due to this fact, understanding Hand fighting, Pummeling, And giraffe wrestling (control methods using the head and shoulders) are essential in the survival of this type of encounter. Learning gun disarm “Techniques” and learning gun retention “techniques” are a good place to start your training, Just like any child learning the beginning basics in kindergarten. But, if your program is not allowing you to graduate and grow past the basic “techniques” and start learning a more principle-based method, then your program is doing you an injustice. Doing a few disarming techniques is one of the lowest forms of education in this area of study. Unfortunately, this seems to have become the standard in the industry. To become truly proficient in this type of encounter, the practitioner must learn how to actively train to survive. Surviving in this arena depends on your ability to develop attributes, sensitivity, timing, and other elements. The practitioner also needs to have the ability to gain experience and more “time in” training. If you do not have these educational elements, front and center, after you have gone through any type of gun retention or gun disarming program, again, you are being done a disservice. This is the reason we developed the applied pummeling program. Due to the lack of information and good training in the industry, it is our goal to amend this problem. We built the Applied Pummeling Program to deliver the full spectrum of training and education needed to become effective and not just give you a list of techniques.