Close-Quarter Gun Manipulation Program

When you are inside the “critical distance” of an encounter, you don’t alwasy have the ability to draw your firearm. If you try to exit quickly in order to make enough space to draw, you will often give your opponent the advantage if the threat takes aggressive action. Because of this, you need to have a methodology that you can apply at close range in order to neutralize and control your opponent before you draw your weapon system. You need to force your opponent out of position and behind in time in order to give you the advantage and the time to safely draw your firearm or have the opportunity to create distance. This advantage is what the Close-Quarter Gun Manipulation Program delivers.

Once the student understands the principles and has developed a fundamental skill set, the information can be applied to scenario-based training that can be molded around the client’s unique environment. This allows us to design techniques specific to you and your team’s environment. I will not just give you a list of generic disarm techniques that is often common in the industry.