Gun Retention Program

The gun retention program is also a principal-based approach to retaining a firearm. We focus on the concept of timing when approaching the training. The student needs to have answers on three different times. Before time, on time, and after time. Depending on when he is able to address the threat on this time outline, the techniques and principles that he will apply will be completely different. In a high-stress situation, you don’t always get to choose where you fall on this timeline so it is best to be prepared for any of the three. What’s the student has an understanding of this timing, we make it a goal to train to be ahead of time, but be prepared for the moment we end up on time.

Once the student understands the principles and has developed a fundamental skill set, the information can be applied to scenario-based training that can be molded around the client’s unique environment. This allows us to design techniques specific to you and your team’s environment. I will not just give you a list of generic disarm techniques that is often common in the industry.